Swissie under pressure- Over the last 3 weeks #CHF lost 5% vs. #EUR & +3% vs. #USD

All the media is talking about the devaluation of the Chinese Yuan. But very little is said about the weakness of the Swiss Franc versus the Euro. Over the last 3 weeks the Swissie lost 5% versus the Euro and over 3% versus the U.S. Dollar.
We said for some time that the strong Swiss Franc was unsustainable as the export industry and tourism was suffering substantially.
Investors enjoyed a solid and strong Swiss Franc for decades and that made Switzerland what it is today. It brought funds into Switzerland which allowed the industry to finance well below rates of other countries. A huge advantage.
Unfortunately that has become now past history and the Swiss Franc will become a weak currency in the future, weaker than the U.S. Dollar and the Euro. It will take a lot of time until investors start to believe this but our task is to advise our clients early so they are able to achieve superior performance. We are very fortunate to call the turnaround in the Swissie very early.


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