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“Progressive” Attacks on Capitalism Were Key to Hitler’s Success

Ludwig von Mises wrote this essay in 1940 from Geneva, where he lived after Nazis forced him out of Austria and his apartment was ransacked by German troops.

“Progressive” Attacks on Capitalism Were Key to Hitler’s Success

Published on Mises.org  Date: February 7, 2019 – 2:00 PM
Author 1: Ludwig von Mises [1]

The following, written in 1940, is excerpted from Interventionism, An Economic Analysis, which was originally part of Nationaloekonomie [2], the German predecessor to Human Action.

Hitler, Stalin, and Mussolini constantly proclaim that they are chosen by destiny to bring salvation to this world. They claim they are the leaders of the creative youth who fight against their outlived elders. They bring from the East the new culture which is to replace the dying Western civilization. They want to give the coup de grace to liberalism and capitalism; they want to overcome immoral egoism by altruism; they plan to replace the anarchic democracy by order and organization, the society of “classes” by the total state, the market economy by socialism. Their war is not a war for territorial expansion, for loot and hegemony like the imperialistic wars of the past, but a holy crusade for a better world to live in. And they feel certain of their victory because they are convinced that they are borne by “the wave of the future.”

It is a law of nature, they say, that great historic changes cannot take place peacefully or without conflict. It would be petty and stupid, they contend, to overlook the creative quality of their work because of some unpleasantness which the great world revolution must necessarily bring with it. They maintain one should not overlook the glory of the new gospel because of ill-placed pity for Jews and Masons, Poles and Czechs, Finns and Greeks, the decadent English aristocracy and the corrupt French bourgeoisie. Such softness and such blindness for the new standards of morality prove only the decadence of the dying capitalistic pseudo-culture. The whining and crying of impotent old men, they say, is futile; it will not stop the victorious advance of youth. No one can stop the wheel of history, or turn back the clock of time.

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#Venezuela’s Foreign Minister gets schooled by the Chilean Foreign Minister at the #OAS

#Venezuela’s Foreign Minister gets schooled by the Chilean Foreign Minister at the #OAS.

From June 2018, but as valid today as it was last summer.

Tells #Arreaza that given the way he speaks of the Organization of American States and to the Ambassadors & Diplomats present-with insults, personal attacks and disqualifications, and never listening to others-, shows how he perfectly represents the #Maduro government and its (mis)treatment of the citizens of Venezuela.